I first met Amy in February 2010. As luck would have it, I had just moved to middle Georgia and Amy had just lost her trainer at the local gym. This is her story.

“Over time I had just gained weight. My lunch consisted of Diet Coke and Pretzels because that was how I thought you got skinny. I used food to comfort myself. When I was stressed, I would EAT. It didn’t really matter what it was.

Last year I was rapidly approaching my 40th birthday. I was tired of being tired. More importantly, my weight had become an issue in my marriage. It was negatively affecting my relationship with my husband. It was after a discussion with him that I decided to get serious about my weight loss.

My highest weight was 195. It was definitely eye opening. I knew I had gained weight, but the reality of that weight gain didn’t fully hit me until I saw the number on the scale. I immediately started to change the way I ate, joined a gym and started working out regularly. I also hired a trainer at that time.

I met Yvette about four months into my fitness journey. She had a very different approach to gaining health and fitness. More importantly, she taught me how to truly challenge myself. I went from being held accountable (which is important) to being motivated. All of a sudden, I was competing with myself – seeing what I could accomplish. I found out that I was more capable than I gave myself credit for.

It’s been just over a year since our first meeting. I now weigh 130. I’ve gained a ton of confidence in myself, not just in the gym, but in every aspect of my life. I’m not afraid to try other things. I’m doing this for me and I’ve learned to never give up on myself.”

Check out Amy’s results for yourself. Seeing is believing!

The after - she can rock those pullups!

The Before Pic...

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